Silvertree Jewelry Care Silvertree Jewelry Care

Silvertree Jewelry Care

All silver jewelry tarnishes over time when exposed to oxygen Sulphur, getting in contact with household chemicals, perspiration and chlorinated water. Take off your jewelry when doing household chores, going for a shower or a swim. Be careful with lotions, hairspray and perfume.

Store jewelry in an airtight container or bag, preferably separated. Also make sure your storage area has low humidity to safeguard against oxidation. Put a piece of chalk or activated charcoal or silica gel in the container to assist with dampness.

Use a polishing cloth to clean tarnished jewelry. We recommend connoisseur cloths. Be careful with silver plated items. Excessive polishing can remove the plating. Do not dip oxidized silver in a cleaning solution as the jewelry will lose its oxidation. Likewise, never dip pearls, semi previous stones or plated jewelry.

Marcasite jewelry is very delicate so avoid dipping it in a solution and never do dishes with marcasite rings on. The marcasites are glued in and so the glue will dissolve, and the stones will fall out. If that happens and you manage to locate the stones, glue it with epoxy glue and a toothpick. We suggest you check your marcasite jewelry from time to time to make sure the stones are not loose. Only use a cleaning cloth to clean the silver.

When using a solution to clean the jewelry make sure to rinse the jewelry and dry it thoroughly.